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Message from the owner

Hi! My name is Jeff. I love working with people and giving them a great experience when it comes to dealing with our company. All my life I've been affected by good and bad experiences regarding customer service. I've come to say "customer service is the easiest thing to get right and the most detrimental thing to get wrong". Whether you're buying a TV, out for dinner or hiring a plumber, we all want to be taken seriously and valued for our business.

I've been in the service industry since 2003 working with some of the best! I started out as a clean up boy, driving large trucks around the city, cleaning up job sites, delivering lumber and concrete. In 2010 I started contracting and managing full size projects for strata’s, custom home builders and residential homes - I’ve been loving it ever since!

Cedar Creek Fencing was born August 1st 2013! I have built many relationships in the city and the industry that boast a strong foundation for longevity and success in the Lower Mainland for years to come. I'm excited about the future and I love what I do, I'm looking forward to working with you!

Jeff Wiens


What we do

Cedar Creek Fencing offers a great variety of hand built, cedar fences, fencing solutions, deck designs, lattice structures, pergolas, custom arbours (arbors) and gates. We work with you to bring your plans and creativity to life!

At Cedar Creek Fencing we stand for nothing less than honesty, integrity and quality.

We believe customer service is the easiest thing to get right and the most detrimental thing to get wrong. At the end of the day we want your trust as well as your business. We are the real deal and we stand behind that policy.

Materials We Use

We take pride in every single installation. We are very selective in the cedar we work with regarding grade and visual appeal. We use Jumbo 4x4 Pressure Treated posts and Rough Sawn Cedar for a strong, robust look and a great finish. Each post is placed an average of 24" (2 feet) into the ground and receives an average of 1.75 bags of concrete. All our sections are plumb, level and square.

And listen, we don't just build it for you, we're building it for us too! We believe every fence or deck we install is a calling card to future customers! Therefore, we want to make a lasting impression adding quality and long term value to your home.

Customized Solutions

More often than not, fences are constructed in gardens, hedging and tree-lines. These places are full of obstacles and make it difficult and sometimes impossible for a prefabricated panel to be installed. Hand building the fence gives our installers the freedom to innovate the fence line and work with the lay of the land. It looks great and gives your yard a custom look!