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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you use concrete to anchor your posts?

A: Yes, on average about 1.75 - 2 bags per post

Q: Are your posts pressure treated?

A: Yes! We use both rough cut 4x4 and 6x6 pressure treated posts for our fences.

Q: Do you use #1 grade materials?

A: Yes! All our material is #1 grade unless otherwise specified and requested by the customer

Q: Do you use prefabricated panels or do you hand build your fences?

A: We hand build all our fences right on site to fit the contours of your yard.

Q: Do you screw your fences together or nail them?

A: We use both HDG ring shank nails and ACQ pro rated screws - we use both!

Q: I’m worried about my fence touching the ground and rotting the wood

A: Almost every one of our designs consists of a pressure treated kick board. The pressure treatment is specifically designed for the lumber to sit in dirty moist areas unafected.

Q: How deep do you set your fence posts?

A: We set our fence posts an average depth of 24” into the ground

Q: How long will my new cedar fence last?

A: If you stain your fence, keep it clean and keep the base of the fence free from garden beds and earth build up on the cedar, you should get 25 - 30 years out of your fence

Q: How high can I build my fence?

A: Typical code for most cities in the lower mainland is 6 ft high in the back, 4 ft high in the front

Q: Is Cedar Creek Fencing insured and covered by WorkSafeBC?

A: Yes - any and all of these documents can be provided for you at your request

Q: What does my ‘1 Year Workmanship Guarantee’ cover exactly?

A: We guarantee our craftsmanship. We work with natural products: cedar, hemlock and fir and sometimes they do funny things when exposed to the elements. We warranty our work but do not cover natural aging do to the changing seasons, however If there’s a problem, just call us, we’re always here to satisfy our customers.